A Partner Throughout The Logistics Supply Chain

Our understanding of the complex and the ever changing world of logistics fits with our solutions approach, as we listen to our customer’s challenges which vary depending on what goods are being handled. The fundamentals of increasing business complexity and customer expectations, in terms of goods available and speed of delivery, allows us to promote our solutions to address these challenges.

Storing and consolidating goods can be complicated by the variety of SKUs being handled. Yale has products that can move goods from anywhere within the warehouse. With order pickering, we have solutions to select single, multiple SKUs or kits from a mezzanine, ground or second level location in ambient, chilled, or freezer environments.

Some models ideal for the Logistics industry include:

Low Level Order Picker
Available with a fixed or lifting platform with independent fork lift for first and second level picking the MO series also includes a scissor lift option for ground and occasional second level picking.

Capable of lifting to 17m this series of VNA machines ensures that all usable space is utilised.

Comfortable, robust seated tow tractors, designed for use in a wide range of manufacturing and warehouse applications, particularly line-feed operations.

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